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About Courtland Twp, MI.

 A civil township located in Kent County, Courtland Township had a population of 5,817 according to the 2000 census. The township has an approximate area of 93 km2 consisting of 92 km2 land and 1.3 km2 water. As of the year 2000, there were 1,936 households and 1,635 families in the township. The population density was 63.3/km2. The median income for a family and a household was $69,306 and $64,430 respectively.
 The first settler, Barton Johnson, arrived in the township in 1838. The area took some time to gain more settlers. In 1839, the inaugural township meeting was held at Barton’s house. Two small communities, Evans, and Sheffield, formed around railway stops but ceased to exit when the railroad was eliminated in 1946.
 The township’s community is rural, and much of the land is occupied by farms. A majority of the township is served by Rockford post office, and most of the children go to Rockford Public Schools. The township has an airport, Wells Airport, which is very useful when it comes to transportation. The township is served by the Cedar Springs Parks and Recreation which offers a range of recreational activities such as yoga, tae kwon do, art classes, sport camps, senior luncheons, youth dance and tumbling classes, basketball among others.

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